What is A Drug Crimes Lawyer?

A drug crimes lawyer is a criminal defense lawyer who specializes in building effective defenses for clients with a wide variety of different drug-related crimes. Drug crime defense attorneys will analyze clients’ cases and form effective defenses to get their client’s charges dropped or reduced by protecting the client’s right to a fair trial by assisting in defense with an outcome decided by the jury. Drug crimes in Michigan can carry harsh penalties, hiring a drug crimes lawyer can help you protect your rights and liberties. 

What Criminal Charges Can A Drug Crimes Lawyer Defend You Against?

Drug crimes lawyers can provide aggressive and dedicated criminal defense representation for clients facing charges such as possession of any controlled substance, possession with intent to deliver or sell any controlled substance, drug paraphernalia, prescription fraud, operating a methamphetamine laboratory, cultivating and growing marijuana or other drugs, federal drug charges, manufacturing with intent to sell, maintaining a drug house, money laundering, conspiracy, and Importation, smuggling, and trafficking of drugs.

Drug Crimes Lawyer At Poota Law

If you or someone you know needs a drug crimes lawyer in Novi, MI, Livonia, MI, Troy, MI, or the surrounding areas, our skilled criminal defense attorney at Poota Law will advise and represent you. Julian J. Poota develops defense strategies for clients facing drug crimes cases. Mr. Poota is committed to protecting his clients’ rights and will review all evidence, interview witnesses, and examine all police reports to establish the best option for you.  We will listen to your concerns, and act aggressively on behalf during pre-trial and in court. We offer clients a free initial consultation with Mr. Poota. To learn more about our services you can contact us online or by calling (888) 399-7979 to discuss your current legal situation today!

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