Michigan Computer Crimes Attorney

Michigan Computer Crimes Attorney

Cyber & Computer Crimes Defense Attorney in Michigan

Michigan Internet Solicitation Lawyer & Child Porn Defense Attorney

Criminal charges alleging cyber crimes have become increasingly common as the use of the internet has become ubiquitous. We aggressively defend individuals facing computer or internet crime accusations.

Contact a Metro Detroit Computer Crime Defense Attorney.
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We represent clients facing a wide range of computer crime accusations, including:

  • Using a computer to commit a crime
  • Solicitation of a minor via the Internet
  • Receipt, Creation, Distribution, and Possession of Child Pornography
  • Identity theft
  • Using a computer or electronic device to make a threat
  • Using a computer or electronic device to improperly record
  • Illegal downloading
  • Credit card fraud
  • Illegal gambling

If you are being investigated for or have been charged with a computer crime in Michigan, we invite you to call us to discuss your case. We will examine every aspect of your case to put you in the best position to advocate for dismissal or reduction of charges. Contact us 24/7 for a free consultation.

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