Michigan Guardianship & Conservatorship Lawyer

Probate courts handle guardianships and conservatorships. If a family member or close friend is unable to care for themselves or their property, you can establish a conservatorship or guardianship to ensure the person is properly cared for and his or her property is handled competently.

A guardian has the responsibility to:

  • Determine where the individual lives
  • Make provision for his or her care and comfort, including food, clothing and shelter
  • Obtain services to achieve the best possible state of well-being
  • Return the individual to self-management, if and when possible
  • Authorize or refuse medical treatment
  • Take care of clothing, furniture, vehicles, and other belongings

A conservator is a person or financial institution appointed by the probate court to handle an individual’s property and financial affairs.  Sometimes the same person serves as both guardian and conservator.

Once appointed, a conservator takes title to and manages the individual’s assets.  A conservatorship can be limited by the court in such way the individual continues to control part of his or her property.

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