Is Hiring a Traffic Lawyer Beneficial?

Hiring a traffic lawyer gives the defendant the best chance of getting their case dismissed, winning at trial, or getting charges reduced with a plea bargain. They can provide their clients with the best chance at avoiding a criminal record that could lead to consequences and fees. Drivers under the age of 25 or over 70 are considered higher-risk drivers, which could lead to more points added to their driving record when they receive a traffic violation. 

What Violations Can Traffic Lawyers Assist With?

Traffic lawyers can provide aggressive legal representation for people ticketed or arrested on charges such as speeding, running a red light, hit and run, reckless driving, failure to stop for an emergency vehicle, driving without insurance, driving while license is suspended or revoked, illegal U-turns, and much more. Being found guilty of a traffic violation could mean more points on your driving record, higher insurance premiums, paying fines, and more

Traffic Lawyer At Poota Law

If you or someone you know is looking for a traffic violations lawyer in Southfield, MI, Warren, MI, Livonia, MI, or the surrounding areas, then Julian Poota, at the Law Office of Julian J. Poota, PLLC, is the lawyer for you. Mr. Poota is a Michigan-born lawyer with comprehensive knowledge of the law. He is skilled and committed to making a positive difference in your legal situation. We are accessible 24/7, with virtual meetings arrangeable. The Poota Law Office has over 290 five-star reviews on google and over 17 years of experience. Contact us online or call us at (888) 399-7979 to receive a free consultation with Mr. Poota today!

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