Felony/Misdemeanor Lawyer

If you are someone you know is facing a felony or misdemeanor charge in Southfield, MI, then it may be time to contact a lawyer. These charges can be very serious and life-changing. Depending on the charges, you may be facing costly fines or even prison time. You want to hire a lawyer so that they can help you save time, money, and your reputation. 

What Is The Difference Between A Felony And A Misdemeanor?

Felony charges are typically more serious than misdemeanors which results in longer jail time and higher fines. A misdemeanor charge can give you jail time up to two years, but typically under one year. A felony charge can result in life in prison and thousands of dollars in fines. Misdemeanors can include theft, vandalism, DUI, or minor drug possession. Other consequences for a misdemeanor include probation, counseling, treatment, paying fines, or community service. Felony charges include murder, rape, selling of illegal drugs, burglary, and much more. You may be charged up to $25,000 in fines and up to 30 years or more in prison. 

The Benefits Of Hiring A Felony/Misdemeanor Lawyer 

It is in the client’s best interest to hire a defense attorney when facing a felony or misdemeanor charge. An experienced lawyer can save you from losing your freedom, reputation, family, job opportunities, and much more. An attorney will be able to defend you and fight for your freedom much better than you can by yourself, because they understand the system and the law, and can analyze every bit of information and evidence that may be able to help you with your case. Any bit of information that goes unnoticed can affect your case dramatically, which is why you must hire an attorney to help you from start to finish in your case. 

Felony/Misdemeanor Lawyer At Poota Law In Southfield, MI

Are you facing a felony or misdemeanor charge in Southfield, MI? Julian Poota, PLLC, at Poota Law is an experienced, skilled, and committed attorney who focuses on protecting the rights of his clients’.  Our firm advises and represents clients facing a variety of charges.  We will listen to your concerns, and act aggressively on behalf during pre-trial and in court. We offer clients a free initial consultation with Mr. Poota. To learn more about our services you can contact us online or by calling (888) 399-7979 to discuss your current legal situation today!

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