Can a Felony/Misdemeanor Lawyer Defend Me?

Felony/misdemeanor lawyers can represent and defend their clients who are accused of criminal offenses. They will work on their client’s behalf to ensure all issues are taken care of while upholding the law and their client’s wishes. They can handle all types of misdemeanors and felonies. Felonies and misdemeanors can carry heavy penalties. It is in your best interest to work with someone who will devote their full efforts to helping you.

Can a Felony/Misdemeanor Lawyer Change the Outcome of My Case?

Felony/misdemeanor lawyers will dive deep into your case and provide you with the best possible chance at having your case dismissed, having your charges reduced, or being found not guilty. If it is in your best interest, your lawyer may negotiate a plea bargain and get severe charges dropped before the case ever goes to trial. Experienced lawyers have a deep understanding of the law and know how specific circumstances can affect a case. They will provide you with technical and legal advice and work with you to develop the most effective strategy for you.  

Felony/Misdemeanor Lawyer At Poota Law

If you or someone you know needs a felony/misdemeanor lawyer in Livonia, MI, Troy, MI, Novi, MI, or the surrounding areas, our skilled criminal defense attorney Julian Poota, at the Law Office of Julian J. Poota, PLLC, can help you. We provide aggressive and dedicated criminal defense representation and are accessible 24/7. We have over 290 five-star reviews on Google and over 17 years of experience achieving positive results for clients throughout Michigan. Contact us online or call us at (888) 399-7979 for a free initial consultation with Mr. Poota today!

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