Shoplifting/Retail Fraud Lawyer

If you or someone you know is facing shoplifting/retail fraud charges in Troy, MI, then it is time to contact a lawyer. You need an attorney who is experienced and knowledgeable in shoplifting laws in the state of Michigan. They must work on your behalf in potentially keeping your record clean, and help you to avoid jail time or costly fines. 

What Is Shoplifting/Retail Fraud?

There are many acts a person can do that are considered shoplifting/retail fraud such as alterings, removal, replacement, concealment, or in any way misrepresent the price listed on an item. Another act of retail fraud is when a person tries to return or exchange an item that is not originally from that location, or when they simply steal an item. These acts are typically done in public places during the store’s operating hours. In the state of Michigan, depending on the amount stolen, charges can be either a misdemeanor or a felony and put a person in jail anywhere between a few weeks to 5 years. 

Benefits Of Hiring A Lawyer

You never want to face shoplifting/retail fraud charges on your own. Hiring an experienced lawyer may save you from receiving jail time, stiff fines, and keep your record clean. An attorney will be able to review all evidence against you and try their best to lessen or drop the charges. Sometimes life events and stressors may push someone in a position of committing retail fraud. If one is fighting addiction such as drugs or gambling, the best option may not be a prison, but starting a  treatment program to get the help you need, which is why you need a lawyer to fight on your behalf. 

Shoplifting/Retail Fraud Lawyer At Poota Law In Troy, MI

If you or someone you know is facing shoplifting/retail fraud charges in Troy, MI, then Julian Poota, PLLC, is the lawyer for you. At Poota Law we will listen to your side of the story and advise you on the best course of action to take to potentially keep you out of jail, and keep your record clean. Mr. Poota is experienced in retail fraud cases and will review all the evidence in order to develop a defense strategy. Our law firm will act aggressively on behalf during pre-trial and in court. We offer clients a free initial consultation with Mr. Poota. To learn more about our services you can contact us online or by calling (888) 399-7979 to discuss your retail fraud charge today!

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